Static Guard Services

All guards are highly trained professionals, they are employed to secure a variety of different venues from high rise building to warehouses from industrial complexes to private homes.
The cost of Statewide Manpower Services are the most competitive in Australia making our staff the most cost effective solution to your security needs.
In many cases such as major corporations and Concierge reception for companies they find our services far exceed their own ability to find the quality staff required to perform the duties on hand without the never ending hassle of workers comp. superannuation, sick and holiday leave the list goes on.

Our senior guards have been with our company for many years and we have a very low turn over of staff due to our personnel management practices, which creates a high morale. They are experienced in all facets of security and in a number of cases our guards hold tertiary degrees.
We have a culturally diverse staff who speak a number of community languages in addition to English.
As a company, we are very conscious of our responsibility to our clients, employees and the statuary requirements of our industry. Our senior management and our employees attend Anti-Discrimination Board course covering equal opportunity Employment and Discrimination as part of their on going training.