Traffic Control Services

Since the day when the first roadway was surfaced, there became a need to maintain that roadway. As transportation technology increased, so did the volume and speed of the vehicles using the roadway system. It became necessary to stage maintenance work so that the right-of-way could be shared; part of the roadway being worked on, part being used for travel. Conflict became apparent and the need for positive guidance in traffic control during construction and maintenance work was gradually recognized.

As the roadway system, roadway work and traffic control techniques became more complex and sophisticated so did the need for management and supervision. With the nations ever increasing trend of mobility and travel, the federal government recognized and reacted to the need to standardize and unify the way in which traffic control was implemented in like work site situations. At best the motorist, bicyclist and the roadway worker must share the right-of-way. In doing so all users of the roadway must be adequately protected.